Friday, February 5, 2010

This Is For Some People Who Have Lost Someone Who They Love

Love Myspace Comments
Sad Story.. :(
I come to your grave everyday to talk to u.. people tell me u cant hear me because your gone.. i just tell them u might be gone in their eyes but not in mine because your still in my heart and u always will be.. i cry when i think of u but people ask me why?? I just tell them how i felt about u and that i still love u and that i miss u so much... but people just tell me there is no ponit in still loving u.. because u gone n u will never be coming back and i agree with them... You are gone but u will never be forgotten and one day we will meet again.. I PROMISE.... I pray to god everynight asking him to keep u safe...and i talk to him about meeting u again.. I wanted to kill myself just so i could see your face again in heaven.. but then i knew u wouldnt want me to do that. I try to be happy bit cant when i know that i want hear your voice for along time.. I always thought i could live withant u.. but i really fell i cant. I never thought u would have left me. God just needed an angel. I ask god can i be his next angel so i can be with u.. But he never replies i even ask god why? why did he have to take u? and make me hurt so much?
Hmmm.. i dont think anyone really knows how much it hurts to be missing u. I hate u not being around i wish i could even see u last time.. So.. i could say goodbye.. no one understands taht i will always love u.. i never knew this would of happened no one did.. i wish that.. that i could look back on the good times with u but that has all gone everything has changed and even thinking about it makes me want to say cry so much.. but my mum tells me not to cry.. she told u were looking over me and u wouldnt want me to cry.. I tell her im sorry but thats all i can do.. cry.. She told me i could look back at the good memories but i said i cant do that with out him because i need him to be with me while me look back and then she says why? so i replies i need to see his smile and feel his touch while we smile together and look at the good memories then my mum said why dont u tell me and him the good memories but then i tell her i with i could tell him.. She told me i can because u will always be there with me then she said u would never give up on me cuz ...
u love me to much and i love you.. too..