Friday, March 19, 2010

Friendship and Love

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A friend is somene who kwnes the song in your heart and can sing the words back to you.. when you have forgotten them truely great friend are hart to find, difficult to leave and impossi impossible to forget. Friendship is not about the person you have known thw longest.. it is about who came and never left you side. A true friend sees the first tear.. catches the second the second and stops the third. Friend are like stars they came and go.. but the ones that stay are the ones that glow. A true friend can see the hurt in your eyes.. while everyone else is fooled by your smile. No matter how serious life gets.. you will need the one you can be stupid with friend are like for leave clovers.. lucky to have but.. hard to find. Friend laught at you silliest jokes.. put up with your worst moods..go along with your craziest ideas and still seethe best in you. Friendship is what help you get through the bad times and enjoy the good times side by side or liles apart... Your friend are always close to your heart..

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You can tell of you love somene if you look at them over and over again and again.. and no matter how many times you look you fall in love with them all over agian. They are all you think about every minute of everyday to the world you might be just on.. but to someone you might be the world. Love is not finding the perfect person.. its seeing an inperfect person perfectly. There is that one special person out there for everyone. You know you love someone when you cant descibe how you feel in words. when he smile at you.. You cant help but to smile back. You read his texts over and over agian three seconds to say i love you... a life time to prove it lifes to short.. tell that one special person you love them.. dont let your love go to waste...